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We offer a sauce and marinade that brings globally- inspired, restaurant- quality meals to your kitchen in an easy-to-work-with accessible way.

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Hi! I’m chef Tom.

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Pull up a chair and meet the team.


Ariel is an avid traveler and has a passion for great food, often planning his trips in effort to try the best eats. He is a serial entrepreneur having founded and operated businesses across hospitality, real estate, and e-commerce.


Alanna runs ‘nade’s marketing. She is a serial entrepreneur, having started her career in investment banking before pursuing her passion of building businesses. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with friends and family over a good meal.


Giuliana oversees ‘nade’s creative direction. A bornand-raised New Yorker, “GG” has been navigating the NY food scene since before she could eat solid foods, but began to challenge it after going plant-based.


Reagan is a copywriter with a big appetite for food and adventure. She credits living in many countries with expanding her palate. In her free time she loves testing recipes in the kitchen, doing yoga, and snowboarding.


Alex began her career as a fashion model. Combining her ease in front of the camera with her love of fitness and nutrition, she became a social media influencer in the health and wellness space. Now Alex leverages social media prowess to help other brands grow!


Jacqueline started her career in fashion PR, but was drawn to health, wellness, and food, which eventually led her to join ‘nade. Jackie lives in Miami and loves cooking, going to the beach, or attempting TikToks. You will definitely see her moves on our channel!